Vastu Tips to Attract Money in Business

Vastu Tips to Attract Money in Business

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that deals with the arrangement and design of spaces to achieve positive energy and harmony. In this article, we will discuss various Vastu tips that can help attract money and success in business.

1. Main Entrance

The main entrance is considered the most important part of a building according to Vastu Shastra. It should be located in the north, east, or northeast direction for positive energy flow and to attract wealth.

The door should be wide, sturdy, and properly maintained.

Also, the entrance should not face any toilets or kitchens.

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2. Direction of the Office

The direction of the office is another important aspect of Vastu. According to Vastu, the best direction for a business establishment is the north, east, or northeast.

If the office is facing south, it can lead to financial losses, and if it’s facing west, it can lead to legal issues and delays in decision-making.

3. Color Scheme

The color scheme of the office also plays a significant role in attracting money and success.

Vastu recommends using light and earthy colors such as light green, beige, light blue, and white. These colors bring in positive energy and promote a calm and productive atmosphere.

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4. Placement of Furniture and Desk

The placement of furniture and the desk is also crucial according to Vastu.

The owner’s desk should be placed in the north, east, or north-east direction facing north or east. The desk should not be placed in front of the entrance and should be spacious enough to allow free movement.

Furniture should be arranged in a way that allows positive energy to flow freely, and there should be adequate space between the furniture and the walls.

5. Plantation and Lighting

Plants are known to bring positive energy and prosperity according to Vastu.

The office should have sufficient light and air, and plants should be placed in the north, east, and north-east direction.

Artificial lighting should also be properly placed and maintained to bring in positive energy.


By following these simple Vastu tips, you can attract money and success in your business. It’s important to keep in mind that these tips are not a guarantee of financial success, but they can help create a positive atmosphere and energy flow that can contribute to your overall success.

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