Astrology Tips: Day Wise Colour Dress to Wear As per Astro Tips

Colors as per Vastu & Astrology have a lot of importance in our life.

Most the people wear the colors of clothes according to their choice, but today we are going to give you very important information that according to astrology tips, which color clothes should we wear on which day so that we get more benefits as per Astro Tips i.e. So that our life can become good, it can become easy.

When it comes to colors, colors also have a different definition in Vastu Shastra and a different color has to be used for each direction. But today we are going to give you important astrology tips, not according to Vastu shastra tips but according to astrology, which will be of great use to you.

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Day Wise Colour Dress to Wear As per Vastu Tips

Astrology Tips | Day Wise Colour Dress to Wear As per Astro Tips
There are 7 days in a week and all those days are called by a special name such as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Although today’s more educated youth call these things wasteful, in our Puranas, Vastu shastra in English (Vastu Shastra), Astrology, and Numerology have been told in great detail, but as long as these educated people are Until the nature is not experienced, there are no valid ones.

But this Vastu News article of ours is for everyone who believes or does not believe, if you want, you can use it and see the result of these yourself, you can guess whether it is useful or not.

All of you must have experienced that you work very hard, you work hard again and again but you do not get results, some difficulty comes, the work is not completed, or it stops, or else They are not able to work at all and on the other hand, without much effort, for some time, if that work is done easily, then how it happens, it is all wonderful of nature.

Today we are going to tell you in this Astrology Tips in English that on which day you will wear what color clothes, then good luck will come to you, that is, nature will support you, so let’s see what you should wear on which day.

Astrology is a very unique science. which we can only feel. In this astrology predictions include a very wide range of customs and procedures in which we are based on the appropriate dress and its color for a particular day.

In countries like Thailand and Colombia, people follow the guidelines and colors of astrology online. That is, as the Guru has told his Jyotis, it would have happened if you also wear special colored clothes for a different day, then your luck can also shine.

What Color Clothes Should I Wear on Sunday

According to Hindu mythology and shastra, Sunday is the day of the Sun God.

Lord Suryadev is one of the gods who work continuously and who never forgets his work and has a time position, for example, the Sun rises and sets according to its time.

As Sunday is the day of the sun (Sunday is the day of Lord Surya) then we should wear red color dress/clothes on Sunday.

Suryadev likes red color very much, so we have to use red color in our environment on Sunday.

Women can wear red color dresses and similarly, men can wear red color verification.

Here when we are talking about lord Sun God, then I want to give you these Extra Free Astrology Tips in English which are coming to my mind right now Surya Dev Astrology i.e. government body, in any company. Authority means that one who has a lot of power shows such a position.

You will probably put the line somewhere by writing it, it is very important information which seems to be in 1-2 lines only but is of great use.

What Color Clothes Should We Wear on Monday

Hardly anyone knows which deity is worshiped on Monday, I believe that all of you must know that Lord Shiva is worshiped on Monday.

The devotees of Lord Shiva in Astrology worship Shiva with white flowers.

On Monday, we should wear white colored cloth inside our Parvez which is a symbol of devotion to Lord Shiva.

Monday is also known as lunar day. As a result, white, yellow, silver, light gray, or blue can be worn. 

What Color Clothes Should I Wear on Tuesday?

We worship Bajrangbali Hanuman Ji, son of Mata Anjani, on Tuesdays. Wearing red colored clothes on Tuesdays proves to be good.

According to astrologers, the problems related to the money of the people wearing red colored clothes are easily overcome, that is, their money related problems are solved easily, and their problems get solutions. goes.

What Color Clothes Would we Like to Wear on Wednesday?

The favorite day of Lord Buddha is Wednesday. Buddha was a great admirer of nature.

All kinds of colors have a special significance in nature. Green colored clothes should be worn on Wednesdays.

What Color Clothes Would be Good to Wear on Thursday

According to the legends of Hindu scriptures, Thursday is the day to please Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

Wearing yellow and orange colored clothes on Thursdays is a good idea as yellow and orange are the favorite colors of Lord Vishnu.

Which Color Clothes Should be Worn on Friday And Why?

The favorite day of Adi Shakti Maa Shakti Durga Devi is Friday.

If you wear blue or white clothes on Friday, then you can get the blessings of Goddess Durga.

What Color Clothes Should be Worn on Saturday And Why

Saturday, the last day of the week, is considered a day to please Shani Dev. According to experts, wear black, brown, indigo or purple colored clothes on this day.

Read the above information thoroughly and follow it in your life and see what benefit you get from wearing these houses on the day of the week and what difference do you feel in your life, he will definitely tell us in the comment, now you liked our work If yes, then definitely share it with your friends and relatives, or important information from the country can reach everyone and everyone’s life can become good and joyful. Thank you.

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