Advance Vastu Chakra DWG File For Auto CAD Professionals | Vastu Shakti Chakra Download

No matter you are a beginner Vastu consultant or expert Vastu consultant, they all must need maha Vastu shakti chakra for case study... Download Now

Maha Vastu Chakra

In this current modern world luxury building (high living) is a basic part of humans but all most 90% of people don’t aware of Vastu Shastra so they build large houses for luxury living.

Sudden problems come into people's life who are living in that non-perfect Vastu house but they never believe in the Vastu home because of higher education and try all possible solutions, hard work but none of the work ends of the results they believe in Vastu Astrology Numerology.

Before any kind of Vastu remedy, each and everyone has to do a detailed study of 16 directions in Vastu, yes 16 directions to gain better results and understand the attributes of directions in Vastu so that you can perform any remedy and avoid the bad effect.

    No matter you are a beginner Vastu consultant or an expert Vastu consultant, they all must need maha Vastu shakti chakra for a case study of industrial business, resistance building, office, or any.

    What is Maha Vastu Chakra?

    Vastu Chakra
    Vastu Chakra for Autocad
    Image Credit: www.civilexperiences.com

    Maha Vastu chakra is created by Vastu expert Aakash in which all possible attributes and effects such as degrees in Vastu, zone/degrees of entrance in Vastu (zone of entrance), attributes (effect of 16 directions), the color of particular directions/devta as per Vastu Shastra, the effect of the zone in the human body, Vata/Pitta/Kapha direction and color, etc all covered in one shakti chakra so it’s known as maha Vastu shakti chakra.

    Type of Vastu Shakti Chakra

    Work methodology is different from person to person so everyone uses shakti chakra accounting for their Vastu online course learning.

    Not everyone made this chakra without proper knowledge of deep learning so be aware and by from Vastu By Aakash or an expert on which you have 100% trust but that is not possible.

    There is no specification for type. This list creating by my own experience in Vastu life learning.

    1. MahaVastu chakra
    2. Vastu chakra for 16 directions
    3. Vastu chakra for Degree (Degree of 16 direction as per Vastu shastra)
    4. Vastu chakra for Entrance
    5. Devta shakti chakra
    6. Vastu shakti chakra for effect and attributes, etc

    The above list is a possible shakti chakra list as per Vastu by Aakash

    We explain each chakra in future articles of Vastu by Akash but Put your comment in the section on which chakra you want first.

    There are other types of Vastu chakra according to materials and availability.

    1. The best one is the Autocad Vastu shakti chakra DWG file (Every expert use this one)
    2. PNG transparent image of Vastu chakra
    3. Transparent vastu chakra on hard plastic material like plastic scale
    4. Transparent vastu chakra on soft plastic material like butter paper/plastic paper
    5. Wooden vastu chakra (Rarely use only)

    Maha Vastu Shakti Chakra Autocad DWG File

    This type of vastu chakra is the most favorite, highly usable, and easy to use in any home design layout plan.

    Download Maha vastu shakti chakra image and DWG from below

    Note: This type of chakra only use in Autocad software from Autodesk.

    To use this you have knowledge of AutoCAD software you can also learn from Youtube. There are many good online courses available.

    Steps For Use of Autocad Maha Vastu Shakti Chakra

    For use, AutoCAD maha shakti vastu chakra follow below step

    1. Open house plan which creates in AutoCAD
    2. Open vastu shakti chakra DWG file in the same window
    3. Scale shakti chakra or house plane if needed
    4. Rotate vastu chakra according to the Degree of your house

    If you didn’t have proper knowledge of how to take Degree for vastu remedy them tell us in comments so we’ll provide the best guidance.


    Maha Vastu Shakti Chakra Image PNG

    This is not recommended but we have to provide all possible solution to help every people who really need and gain blessings

    Step For Use of Vastu PNG Image

    1. Open Vastu png image in any photoshop software
    2. Take pictures for your house design plan and set it with a Vastu chakra image which you can download from below
    3. Rotate and set Degree
    Download Now

    Vastu chakra in AutoCAD free download is now not available now because it takes huge time to create vastu chakra cad block.

    But if you want Vastu chakra cad block free download then comment below we will try to provide any lite Vastu chakra free but we strongly recommend to use vastu shakti chakra (AutoCAD download). vastu shakti chakra autocad free download

    How to Use MahaVastu Shakti Chakra?

    Here in today's article, we explain only two chakras but we’ll provide detailed guidance for all chakra so bookmarks and save out Vastu by Aakash blog for future learning and join us in FB, Telegram... where you like.

    Don’t forget to share with everyone who faces problems in their life and be a person who helps everyone and gains some blessings.

    According to their attributes and type, each one has played a different role which we’ll learn in another article of Vastu by Aakash dudhat

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    FAQ 1: What is Vastu Chakra (Vastu Shakti Chakra)?

    If you are familiar with Vastu Shastra then you must need Vastu Chakra also known as Vastu Shakti Chakra.Vastu Chakra is an arrangement/formation in which we can divide direction as per 16 zones in Vastu Shastra.We can use Maha Vastu Chakra for known particular direction in Industrial Vastu, home Vastu so you can treat for Vastu Remedies.

    FAQ 2: Use of Maha Vastu Chakra with Degrees

    Vastu Chakra is used as a tool for quick reference tool to know the particular direction of the area of your plan i.e. House plan, Office Plan, Industrial plan etc no matter area, use, work nature.

    FAQ 3: Vastu chakra DWG autocad file is easy to use?

    Yes, vastu chakra in autocad download from Vastushashtraconsultant.com is easy to use.

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