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Why Us ?

At Vastu Shastra Consultant , we believe that Vastu Shastra is an ancient science emphasizing on the importance of man to live in harmony with the natural elements present in the surroundings. Once this harmony is established, positive energies are generated that helps in keeping the mind as well as body healthier. Today, we have an extensive list of clientele across categories and specialize in providing Vastu consultancy services across the globe. From identifying the problem to implementing the solution, we provide an end to end approach that helps our customers to maintain a positive environment in their commercial as well as residential premises. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our team, we are able to identify problems more accurately and therefore provide effective solutions. Also, we don’t burden our customers with Hi-Fi solutions that end up drilling a hole into their pocket. Instead, our focus is on doable solutions that are practical and can be implemented easily.

Vastu Planning

Ideally, we would recommend you to seek our Vastu planning services in the initial phase when you are making your property. Once we receive the request from you, our team of experts visit the property and do a detailed analysis of every corner. Basis this analysis, the area of negative energies is identified and accordingly a detailed Vastu plan is prepared taking into consideration the available natural elements as well as the changes that are required. You can conveniently incorporate this Vastu plan in the concerned premise. Our experts will be available for support during the implementation phase as well. In case you have any queries with regards to the plan or any stage of its implementation, you can always talk to them and clarify your doubts.

Vastu Designing

Vastu Designing is the category under which you can seek the guidance of our experts when it comes to selecting the plot and incorporate their suggestions while doing the construction. Most people assume that Vastu designing is all about decorating your property with charms and talismans. However, this is a misconception. Vastu Designing focuses on using the available elements and positioning the interiors of the house in such a way that there is a constant vibe of positive energy generated in the area. Our experts use the latest technology, methods and products to improve your quality of life by implementing well researched Vastu design plans. Due to the positive vibe, the inhabitants of the premise feel happier as well as healthier and can do more productive work.

Vastu correction

For people who don’t take Vastu consultancy services in the initial phase of buying or making their property, the Vastu correction services provided by our agency are extremely helpful. As a part of the Vastu Correction services, our experts visit your property and identify the areas that require correction. Accordingly, we prescribe remedial products or yantras that can be installed in specific areas and changes in the positioning of the interiors that help in purifying the atmosphere to get rid of the negative energies. Additionally, our expertise lies in taking the remedial measures and avoiding the demolition or damage of the existing construction.

Vastu Consulting

Backed by a reliable team of experts, we, at Vastu Shastra Consultant specialize in providing Vastu consulting services to clients across categories for personal as well as commercial purposes. From residential premises to office properties, our Vastu consulting services can help you get rid of the unwanted negative energies in your premise. Removing the negative elements automatically reflects in terms of an improved quality of life and better productivity even at the work place. As one of the most reputed names in the industry, we have invested ample years of research to understand the science and therefore our core expertise lies in implementing practical solutions, remedial tools as well as advice that helps our clients achieve better results.