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Our Services

Using a multifaceted approach, we, at Company Name, work towards optimizing the space utilization by repositioning of elements to create an environment of positive energy to improve the physical, mental as well as spiritual quality of life. Even the small details like the shape of the plot and the use of local materials in construction play a crucial part in order to develop a property that is in accordance to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Ideally, square, rectangle and circle are good shapes that you should consider while buying a plot. These shapes are known to bring prosperity to the buyer. Though modern architecture talks about several types of asymmetrical shapes like triangle, octagon, etc., the science of Vastu Shastra does not favour such plots.

In fact, our Vastu Shastra consultants will also tell you that building your house or property from locally available materials helps to bring more prosperity and happiness within the premises. Also, the water body in your house should be in the north or north eastern direction. Our experts will also advise you against having too many opening on the south side of the property as this brings in a lot of harmful radiation from the sun. In tandem with this principle, the roof of the house should have slopes towards the north as it prevents the harmful radiation from affecting the inhabitants. Additionally, for people who have a swimming pool or water body in the house ensure that it located in the North Eastern direction.

Vastu Shastra For Home

Vastu Shastra uses a scientific approach to analyse the different elements and accordingly prescribe the best possible arrangement for your home to create a vibe of positive energy. Backed by extensive experience, our experts do a proper survey of the property and accordingly prescribe the necessary measures that you need to take. The experts may choose to talk to you in case they require additional information. Our suggestions rarely talk about remodelling the existing construction. Instead, it is mostly about the simple changes that one can easily incorporate. Even small things like the placement of clocks, musical instruments, show pieces, etc. in the house can be done according to Vastu Shastra. Additionally, these small changes tend to have a noticeable impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Vastu Shastra For Offices

Office is the place where you earn your living, isn’t it? Irrespective of your profession, office is your working ground that helps you use your skills to earn money. However, if the Vastu for your office is not proper, chances are you will not be able to see the desired results even when you invest loads and loads of effort. Apart from creating a positive working environment that maintains economic growth, Vastu consultancy will also help you control your employees more efficiently reducing the amount of discord to a great extent and increasing the productivity of the people. Using the advice of Vastu Shastra consultant, you will be investing in the economic growth of your business by removing the hurdles created due to the piling of negative energies.

Vastu Shastra For Career

Vastu Shastra also offers consultancy services that help in fuelling the career growth of individuals. From the location of the study room to the interior decoration of the office, you can seek the services of our Vastu Shastra experts in order to give your career the much needed boost. Apart from helping you choose the location, our experts will also work in detail to put in place the minor elements that tend to affect the flow of energy when you are studying or working. We also provide consultancy services to people who operate in a work-from-home mechanism.

Vastu Shastra For Building

Modern day architects are opening up to the growing preference of Vastu Shastra amongst the people of the country and are seeking the services of experts at the time of constructing the buildings. We also provide Vastu consultancy for upcoming projects, buildings, etc. Apply the basic principles of Vastu, our experts help you to identify the right plot, prepare the basic plan, identifying the location of balconies, entrances and a lot more. This ensures that the inhabitants of the building get to lead a healthier, wealthier and happier life. All these services are provided at an affordable price so that you can avail maximum benefits.